Glenora Ewoks train with the Vodafone Warriors - July 2015

Alice Buchanan July 13, 2015 : 0

As promised we're back with the full story of what the Glenora U11 Ewoks got up to on the 10th July during their training session with the Vodafone Warriors.

As most of you know dtr ran a national competition inviting people to nominate U16 league clubs for a chance to train with the Vodafone Warriors.  dtr are huge supporters of grassroots rugby league and this competition was a great chance to involve local clubs and give kids a chance to meet their league heroes in person.

The competition was won by the number of votes each team received in store.  After a fierce battle (see our previous blog 'dtr shares the win') the Glenora U11 Ewoks won with over 800 votes.  

As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words so we have made a video of the day featuring all the highlights and best bits for you to enjoy.  We would like to also say a big thank you to our sponsors, Canterbury for the fabulous shirts, Hummerzine for a fantastic ride and a driver with the patience of a saint, Sky City Fortuna for feeding a bunch of starving league boys and of course the Vodafone Warriors.  We hope you all enjoy our video.



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