dtr treats NP & Chch customers to the VIP game experience - May 2016

Alice Buchanan May 25, 2016 : 0

With the VIP experience in Auckland going great guns we noticed we had two away games in New Plymouth and Christchurch during May.

Not wanting to let any customers miss out we decided to run our VIP hosting at these games as well.

Christchurch was first up and opted to invite some of their favourite customers.  Many had never had an opportunity to see a game before and were quite excited.  It was a chilly but clear night with the wind playing havoc with some of the action down on the field but a great time was had by all.  The enthusiastic stomping was perhaps a little worrying as the entire temporary scaffolding swayed but fans seemed undeterred! 

New Plymouth borrowed some ideas from the Auckland games and approached a few local schools.  They ran a colouring competition for the kids with the successful children winning tickets for them and their families.  One family pass was kept as a giveaway for one lucky in store customer.  We had great seats right by the field and the families delighted in the hosting with hot food and drinks keeping them warm.  While the game didn't work out as planned there was a memorable haka performed for Issac Luke and his teammates at the final whistle.  This spectacle was really quite breathtaking with most of the stand joining in.  Certainly something no one present will ever forget.

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