game day magic at Mt Smart - Aug 2016

Alice Buchanan August 29, 2016 : 0

The season marched on and with it dtr's Game Day's with local schools.  The hardest part was picking the schools. We added Kingsford Primary School, Glenavon Primary School, Panmure Bridge Primary School and Roscommon Primary School to the invite list and the schools were amazing.

They all used different methods to select the kids but the result was always incredibly excited die-hard fans who deserved a day out.  They loved the goodie bags and treats we plied them with all day and we enjoyed having their bright positive company.  Even when the boys lost these kids were so happy to just be there.

"That was really sad Miss, but this has been the best day of my life"

"It was awesome to see them trying so hard, I still love them"

"Wow, it that the Warriors for real? That's really them?"

"Manu is totally my favourite player, and Shaun, and Kata, oh and Tui ummm ok all of them"

Here's a few shots and I will update our YouTube account with some of the footage which is really very special.  Thanks to all these schools and students for coming with us and making Game Day's so fantastic.


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