Hands Across the Water - May 2017

Alice Buchanan May 18, 2017 : 0 Hands Across the Water was created by former Australian police forensic specialist Peter Baines. Peter was part of the tsunami disaster victim identification team in Thailand and was deeply moved by the huge number of children he met who were left without families as a result of the disaster.
It inspired him to establish an organisation that could make a difference. In a country that was struggling to recover from the enormous impact of the tsunami, Peter wanted to find a way to provide safety, shelter, education and ultimately a future for children who no longer had families to look after them.
In late 2005, Peter and a team of committed individuals, with the desire to help others, formed Hands Across the Water. An Australian & New Zealand registered charity that gives at-risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand by providing a safe environment, education and improvement opportunities to children and their communities. Hands Across the Water operates seven orphanages in the poorer areas of Thailand which are home to over 350 children. They support a further 40 plus children through university. Since 2005, the orphanages have extended their services to help other at risk children.

Why They Are Different
  • Hands facilitates unique, personal and meaningful experiences.
  • Their care comes without conditions.
  • They don’t seek to impose a religion or belief system upon those we support.
  • They give children the chance to grow according to their own beliefs and traditions.
  • Every cent of donors’ money goes to the children and their communities.
  • No donors’ money goes to administration, marketing or fundraising operations in Australia or New Zealand.

Hands Story from Hands Across the Water on Vimeo.



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