The Biggest Loser - August 2017

Alice Buchanan August 30, 2017 : 0

A few of us about the office decided we could lose some weight for summer and in December last year we kicked off a small competition around the office we called The Biggest Loser.  With weekly weigh-ins and the team motivating one another we saw some good results.  The rest of the network heard about the competition and before we knew it it rolled into a company wide challenge shared and encouraged on our internal social network.

Management caught on and promptly came to the party with fitbits as prizes for the winners and also $50 prezzy cards for weekly challenges.

What with half the staff in the Biggest Loser and the rest training for Thailand a sausage roll became an endangered species in the office!  After work snacks were no longer chips and dip, out came the celery and carrot sticks.

We had some incredible results with a total of 199.4kgs being lost across the company!  One staff member lost an incredible 23kg and several others lost over 10kg individually as well.  All the participants said they felt great and noticed improvements in their health and they had more energy.  We finished up the last round this month and everyone was happy and proud with their individual loses.  Having all your team mates support you really does make all the difference and that’s how dtr is.  We’re all in it together.

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