dtr doubleheader at Mt Smart - April 2018

Alice Buchanan April 09, 2018 : 0

When the Vodafone Warriors announced they were having the first ever doubleheader match in 2018 dtr decided to get in on the action.

We hired the membership tent in the D Zone and invited 8 schools to participate with us in a VIP Experience to rival all others.

We invited 20 pupils and 4 teachers from each school to join us in the giant marquee to watch the game from the best view in the stadium.

Kids were provided with goody bags with treats generously donated by SkyCity, Flava, Canterbury and the Vodafone Warriors.

The day was a huge success culminating in a visit from Blake Ashford and James Gavet, who were very nearly mobbed by enthusiastic kids (and a few teachers).

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable event and a great win from the boys.

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