entertaining kids on a budget - July 2018

Alice Buchanan July 10, 2018 : 0


Schools out and the age old question of what to do to entertain children raises its head, particularly during rainy days. We thought we might see if we could help out with a few ideas cultivated from the net and parents here.

1. Play Make-Believe Games
Kids love sailing seas, conquering kingdoms, and rescuing princesses from the dragon's lair. Have fun with your kids in an imaginary world! A sheet over a couch makes a great hut or hiding place.

2. Go to the Library
Public libraries are chock full of wonder for kids. Books, activities, and story times are all part of your local library's calendar.

3. Go to a Local Park
If the weather clears up pop down to your local park and let them run around and release all their energy.

4. Put a Puzzle Together
Great one for these rainy cold days, settle in and see how long it takes to do a big puzzle! Or draw a picture on cardboard, cut it into pieces and then try and put it all back together again.

5. Play Board Games
Drag out those old games forgotten amid tablets and tvs. A quick office poll revealed Cluedo and Monopoly at the top of the list but Scrabble and the Game of Life were also popular depending on the kids ages. Don’t forget card games, Uno or just a trusty set and some games like Memory or Snap.

6. Arts and Crafts
Spread out a big sheet and let the kids paint, play doh and colour in to their hearts content. There's plenty of online recipes for homemade play doh and finger paint. One enterprising mother in our office made homemade edible slime for her kids. Apparently a huge hit but not one she cares to repeat!

7. Indoor Community Pools
Sometimes going for a swim in the middle of winter is more fun than summer!

8. Mall/Store Events
Check your local shopping centres and stores as many run special events during school holidays that are free to attend.

9. Local Community Events
Check out your local community events board as there is frequently family friendly activities on during school holidays at a reasonable price or free.

10. Movie Marathon
After all those adventures it's ok to let the kids curl up in front of a movie while you relax with a cup of tea! If you don't have one of the streaming services you can find a huge amount of dvds available for free rental at your local libraries.

Good luck surviving the holidays!


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