Reflecting on the season - Aug 2018

Alice Buchanan August 31, 2018 : 0

By season I mean the best season the Vodafone Warriors have had since 2011.  We have been sponsors since then and as a sponsor feel immensely proud at how well the boys have done this year.  Come what may in the Finals at least we made it there this year and put a lot of spiteful Aussie commentators in their place.

We took the plunge this year by signing on as a major sponsor and moving on to the senior teams jersey's.  We're wrapped with how it looks and are proud to show our staunch support. We are now smugly telling ourselves its due to wearing our moniker front and centre but let's face it, that seems unlikely!

Our sponsorship of taking kids to the home games and bringing players into schools has continued this year and it will remain much the same next year.  We really enjoy reaching out to the kids and bringing them their idols and treating them to a live game which most of them have never seen.  Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to attend every game when you see a child's absolute delight at being in the stand and seeing the players in the flesh.  Also, being mobbed by excited children at a school and attempting to extricate players from said mobs is always a highlight.

Make sure you have liked and follow our Facebook page as while we may be sponsors, we are also fans, and we will be running lots of competitions and giveaways for other fans out there.      


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