standing with the boys - March 2018

Alice Buchanan March 11, 2018 : 0

When it came time to renew our sponsorship of the Vodafone Warriors we had to discuss with them the fact that the NSW Cup is now no longer going to be played in New Zealand or on tv coverage.

This was at first a huge disappointment but the club offered us the chance to go on the front of the senior team jersey's instead.  As we have been such long time supporters we couldn't miss the opportunity for such a prominent position and also a chance to really further cement our sponsorship.

So it is with great excitement this year that we watched the team run out wearing our logo front and centre.  We have continued taking low decile school kids to the game and they certainly noticed they had the same logo on their caps as the boys had on the field.  

We hope this season, with our logo front and centre, the boys do us proud.

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