door to door done responsibly - November 2013

Mark Spring November 13, 2013 : 0

dtr has strict guidelines governing what their sales representatives are allowed to do and not do during the door-to-door information and sales process. These guidelines were developed using the Door to Door Sales Act 1967 and Fair Trading Act 1986, as well as relevant Direct Selling Association codes and practices. dtr goes beyond these minimum requirements to lead the market in terms of transparency, ethics and professionalism.

We’re committed that no dtr customer should ever feel pressured, or suffer buyer’s remorse.

Firstly, the people who are employed to visit members of the public at home and talk to them about dtr’s products and services are paid an hourly wage. They do not receive any commission for sales. Therefore, it is of no personal advantage to the sales representative that they obtain signed application forms at the end of a visit.

Most fundamentally, if a person being visited is not interested in receiving any further information, the sales representative is to respect this and leave the property. Further, if a member of the public is assessed to be confused about the purpose of the visit, the dtr sales representatives are to cease discussion, excuse themselves and leave the property.

If a member of the public expresses interest in a dtr product or service, there is still a rigorous and consultative process undertaken before a contract is entered into. A contract is never entered into at the first point of contact during a door-to-door sales visit.

The only form that might be completed and signed during this process is a preliminary application form. Again, this would only ever be completed if the person being visited has indicated that they wish to apply for a dtr product or service. This form does ask for personal details to be supplied. These details include: name, address, and phone number. Further information, such as a copy of the person’s ID, would also be obtained. An applicant would also be asked to sign the application form.

This preliminary application form acts in no way as a contract or a binding agreement. The application form would then be taken into store the following day for a customer representative to call the applicant to confirm whether they wish to proceed.

dtr door-to-door sales have a minimum 30-day cooling down period and every customer is surveyed about their experience.

dtr takes these types of complaints very seriously and is investigating the claims being made. If you have any information that would assist this investigation, please provide it via email to

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