dtr & New Zealand go digital - August 2012

Mark Spring August 27, 2012 : 0

With moving from a single channel to multiple channels, going from black and white to colour, now New Zealand television takes another leap, from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Next month the first of the five regions’ older analogue television signals will be progressively turned off, replaced by a digital signal. The rest of the country will be switched onto digital by November 2013.

This is the start of a fully digital TV age where Kiwis can enjoy higher quality pictures, better reception in many parts of the country and sound.

Television here is broadcast over the long established terrestrial analogue service, newer digital terrestrial and digital satellite services and some cable services. If you’re currently receiving TV through an aerial, if you haven’t got Freeview or a SKY satellite and only receive an analogue signal, you will need to switch to digital.

If you’re already on Freeview, SKY or TelstraClear, then you’ve already made the switch so you don’t need to do a thing, unless you have other TVs in your house that don’t receive a digital signal.

As well as Freeview’s crystal clear pictures and extra channels, MyFreeview lets you record your favourite shows, even a whole series, with the click of a button. For more information, visit:www.freeviewnz.tv

Here at dtr we have all the big brands of TVs including Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG – all of which come with Freeview already installed. If you’re looking to upgrade, just pop into your nearest dtr store and let our staff help you choose the best TV for you.

Once the analogue signal is turned off, the spectrum it was using will be freed up for other purposes like wireless broadband and data and other telecommunications services.

Making televisions economically viable is what we’re all about and if you have any questions about the switch to digital just ask one of our staff members at your local dtr store.

To read more about the digital switch, click here!

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