Bek Wall's big night out - June 2012

Mark Spring June 26, 2012 : 0

While you’re getting comfy on the couch this Thursday, getting ready to watch your favourite TV show after eating a warm, winter roast – spare a thought for dtr’s Marketing Projects Manager, Bek Wall.

Bek’s evening will be in stark contrast to most people, having signed up as a volunteer for the LIFEWISE Big Sleepout – an annual cause where individuals give up their creature comforts in an effort to stamp out homelessness in Auckland.

Bek will be braving the elements in a bid to raise awareness and funds for the charity. “I come from a family where making a difference is kind of compulsory. As a working mum I’ve been telling myself I can’t make that kind of difference, but I’m giving up that excuse,” Bek says in her bio on the Big Sleepout website

Inspired by the support that dtr provide charities like Shave for a Cure (fundraising for leukaemia and blood cancer) and Shine (for preventing domestic violence in New Zealand), Bek thought that she had no valid excuse for giving up an evening of privilege to have a sense of how the less fortunate live.

Bek began fundraising in June and in under a month she has reached a total of $1,226.70! Bek says she was a bit scared about not even reaching her target of $1,000, so is hugely grateful for everyone who’s donated.

Bek hosted a pyjama party and morning tea at dtr’s head office, taking around a donation bucket dressed in her sleepwear. Of course those who didn’t get into the spirit of the event, and didn’t dress in their PJs had to fork out more money! She’s also got individual dtr stores to raise money and to bid on who in the management team they most wanted to see in their pyjamas (a scary thought!).

Her heater, flannelette sheets and duvet are the items Bek is going to miss the most as she prepares for her overnight sleepout in the open with nothing but a cardboard box for shelter.

We are all so proud of Bek for getting involved with this amazing cause. Good luck on Thursday!

If you wish to make a donation, do so here

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