dtr's successful last lap at V8 supercars - April 2012

Mark Spring April 24, 2012 : 0

It was great to once again be a part of the Hamilton V8 Supercars, what a brilliant opportunity to show-off the dtr branding! Our bright blue dtr signage really stood out.Lee Trigg (dtr IT Manager) and Garry Stratta (dtr National Operations Manager) drove our dtr Pop-Up Store down to the ‘Tron’ the day before V8 racing started. It’s great to have the mobile store, which lets us get to events or into towns where we don’t have a physical store presence.Before racing kicked off on Saturday most of the dtr guests were allowed to ride around the track, reaching speeds of 220km/h down the main straight and around the circuit.The Pop-Up Store was parked up behind the merchandise tents (which didn’t seem like a prime location at first glance) but it ended up being a perfect spot because everyone had to walk past us in order to get to the Holden, Jack Daniels and Ford areas. 

We honestly had thousands of racing fans from all over New Zealand come by because of our positioning – right in the middle of the track in the thick of the action.At the Pop-Up Store, we met customers that had come all the way from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island. We even had ex-staff members coming by to have a chat – some couldn’t believe that little old dtr has reached their 50-year milestone and was sponsoring a big-name event like the V8s.We provided 192 of the 50-inch Panasonic TVs and another 27 of the 32-inch screens that were put up around the circuit. These were used in all the corporate marquees and also in front of the pits for the technical teams so that each driver could see the action on the track.We ran a competition where people could enter to win a 50-inch TV for themselves – and all I can say is we were definitely not short on entries! We also had a special offer going where people could purchase the TVs being used at the event for ridiculously low prices.During the event, we gave away about 5,000 dtr branded blow-up rugby balls, 500 balloons and around 125 drink bottles to thirsty fans.Being at the V8s in 2011 was a new experience for us. dtr came onboard as sponsors very last minute last year (due to another sponsor pulling out), so we weren’t very involved in all the off-track activity. That’s why it was doubly important to have the Pop-Up Store this year. Another bonus was that it didn’t rain this time around; in fact some of us even got a little sunburnt!I feel mixed emotions about the departure of the race from Hamilton, with some definite pros and cons. Hamilton has come to life with the V8s and the town has hummed with people staying on to party afterwards. If say the race was held in Pukekohe, people are more likely to go straight home once the event is finished. However, on the other hand if the V8s were to move to Pukekohe, spectators would be able to get a much better view of the racetrack, which would be a huge bonus.Overall the event was a real hit, with loads of excitement and action both on and off the track. It’s amazing all the effort it takes to put an event like that together. All I can say is, well done to the organisers for pulling it off! Look forward to seeing where it all ends up next year.


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