so far so good - March 2012

Mark Spring March 26, 2012 : 0

Two from four. It’s not a bad start to the Warriors’ season, but I’m sure they also plan to do better. I reckon Bluey’s boys are just warming up right now, and they’ve shown enough of their famous razzle-dazzle to convince me that no team is safe against them.

One of the things I admire about the Warriors is their discipline. It doesn’t just show up on the field, but also in the way the club and its players act off the field. Take the Warriors’ “One Community” programme, designed to promote core values to kids aged 12 and under. Take the way the players are invariably polite and friendly to media and fans. Take the “no alcohol” culture that helped the Junior Warriors take the final last year.

The Warriors’ and dtr share a lot of similar values – which is one reason we’re so proud to sponsor them.

On another note, our new pop-up store at Mt Smart is proving a big hit. There’s nothing like coming to your customers when they’re a bit too busy to come to you! Next time you’re at the stadium, check it out. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent furniture or appliances for home, we’ll be able to help you quickly – and still leave you time to catch the game.

One last thing. If I was the Roosters – the Warriors’ next opponents – I’d be working extra hard this week on defence. Just saying.

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