stay strong Christchurch - February 2012

Mark Spring February 22, 2012 : 0

As one year passes since the February earthquake, we remember those in Christchurch who have lost their lives, homes and jobs. But we also remember those who continue to work on re-building this shaken city. With more than 7,000 aftershocks, staying strong has been a true challenge for our staff in the Riccarton store, however all are continuing to stay positive and live their lives.

Brian Walker, Manager of dtr Riccarton

The local team recognise they’ve been rather lucky in all of this. Not only did our store survive the shakes well and was able to open its doors within a week, but also all of our staff have been fortunate to hold on to their homes.

Since February last year, we have made a few changes to the store to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. Some of our additions have included minor plasterwork, and several wall brackets to give extra support, and more importantly, peace of mind.As a company, we were pleased to be able to help our community, supplying televisions and stereos to three shelters nearby. And for those customers who lost TVs and other appliances as a result of the quake, we offered replacement options.We were also able to bring our Christchurch staff up to Auckland for a weekend away. We understand that this didn’t change anything back home, but at the very least, it allowed staff to have a break from it all.

On the business side of things, foot traffic is returning as people get on with life, and learn to live with the ongoing aftershocks. It is great to see that despite everything, people are still managing to focus on moving forward.

“Stay strong, Christchurch.” (Brian Walker, Manager of dtr Riccarton)

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