what I do at dtr - April 2011

Mark Spring April 27, 2011 : 0

When I spoke to the NZ Herald’s Jobs supplement about what I do at dtr, it got me thinking about how far I’ve come and what’s helped get me here and also about what more I can do to help others.

I lead a great bunch of Kiwis who are adapting and growing a retail business with rental, hire purchase and leasing options across product areas like furniture, whiteware and audiovisual home items. I manage people, I make final decisions in collaboration with our Executive Chairman Gordon Howlett and I steer dtr in the direction our wider management team believes is right for everyone involved with the company. But I knew that part already. What I hadn’t spent much time considering is what I’m good at and what I could do better.

I love a challenge, regardless of the industry and I thrive in uncertain environments because I guess I’ve always been willing to put my hand up to do new things. I’m also pretty good at seeing the bigger picture of where the business should be heading. What fuels the desire to keep pushing forward and be open to trying something different, and this is true personally as well as professionally, is those moments when it all comes together. When you can see momentum building, it feels really good to be a part of it.

Whilst it’s exciting to always be moving forward, it’s also rewarding to slow down now and then and assess why we have reached the stage we’re at, whilst also enjoying our successes. I would never have predicted what I’m doing right now just a few years ago. As I said in in the article, back yourself. You’re probably better than you think you are.

I realise that sometimes people need a little encouragement and guidance to take the next step in their careers. With this in mind, we are in the process of defining ways in which we can help all our employees achieve more. Watch this space for more news on this subject in the near future.

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