the earthquake and the Christchurch store - March 2011

Mark Spring March 02, 2011 : 0

It is times like these that it is visible how well New Zealand can pull together and support one-another through such a devastating tragedy. Christchurch’s recent earthquake has shaken us all, leaving many of us feeling almost helpless.

After spending some time down in Christchurch in the days immediately following the quake, I am pleased to inform you that all of our staff and their families are safe and physically unharmed. They are however, traumatised at the events over the past week, as many of us are. The messages of support we have received from the wider community have been astounding, and truly does make a tremendous difference. So, on behalf of everyone at dtr, thank you.

As we shift into recovery mode, our priorities stay concentrated on looking after our staff, their families and their communities.

While we have been lucky compared to many other businesses in the area, our Christchurch branch suffered some damage. Luckily for us, our store is now fully operational. We have, however, allowed our Christchurch staff and their families the opportunity to take some time off before heading back to work.

All calls made to Christchurch will be diverted to alternative sites where someone will be able to assist all customer queries. We would also like to inform our Christchurch customers that, just as was done during the September quake last year, all collections activities and fee charges will be put on hold until further notice. We will work with all affected customers to ensure that their individual circumstances are accommodated and that we’re there to help put them back on the feet financially.

This disaster has left us all with many questions, especially around why some buildings have been completely destroyed whereas others appear untouched. Our new store is still standing; however, our old store, which is less than a kilometer away, has been demolished. The majority of these questions will remain shrouded in confusion, certainly in the short term. What I do know is that dtr will be helping in any way we can in the coming weeks and months.

It is times like these that New Zealanders become closer and strive to support each other any way they know how. At dtr we’re proud to have been in a position to offer a range of support to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Civil Defence and the Disaster Coordination Centre.

Finally, I would like to personally thank everyone again for your support. These kinds of disasters take time to heal, both physically and mentally. However, we will endeavor to show support for our staff, their families, the wider Christchurch community and, of course, our customers.

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