Our easi-own card makes getting the things you want for your home even easier.

It’s a revolving credit facility that lets you buy everything you want for your home like TVs, furniture, computers, playstations, washing machines, fridges and even mobile phones.

Here’s how it works . . .

  • You apply just once, not each time you want to buy something.
  • You’ll get a personal spending limit and interest rate based on your individual circumstances.
  • Buy the things you want now at dtr, with no deposit, and affordable weekly repayments.
  • You’re in control. Pay off your purchases as fast you like.

If an easi-own card sounds like something you’d like to have in your wallet, just call or drop in to see us so we can update your details, talk about what you might need, and get a revolving credit facility set up for you.  You can apply now if you'd like





Please see here for a full list of all our fees and interest rates.





how much can I afford?

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At dtr, treating people fairly is important to us. That's why we make sure everyone gets an equal chance to own the things they need, with payments to suit their budget. And because we know things in life sometimes change, we can help you adjust your payments, so you won’t get in over your head.


Indicative Offers

Based on the information you have provided, we believe we may be able to offer you the following products. The next step is to click on the product you would like and complete our application process.

easi own

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- * pa

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easi cash

borrow up to

at an interest rate of
- * pa

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* Interest rates and limits shown above are indicative only. All contracts are subject to a full application process including affordability, credit and responsible lending criteria.

How much can I afford?

Simply tell us a bit about yourself below, and we will provide you an indicative amount that you could borrow, and the likely interest rate that could apply.

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