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Easicash Personal Loans

However it’s said, if you need to borrow between $500, and $20,000, ‘yes’ is the answer you want to hear.

Even if you’ve had a ‘no’ from other lenders, you might be surprised at dtr. With more than 350,000 finance applications approved, we’re pretty good at saying ‘yes’.

Our simple online application will only take you 10 minutes. Just make sure you have some photo ID handy, plus information on your income and expenses.

it takes less than 10 minutes
Easi Cash
  • Important easi-cash lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.
  • Interest rate 26.75% - 34.95% pa, depending on your circumstances.
  • Security maybe required.
  • Mandatory fees: Administration fee of $6 a month, PPSR fee $8.05, establishment fee of up to $205 to be paid up front or capitalised over the contract term.
  • Minimum term 6 months. Maximum term 60 months
  • Option dtr liability waiver (DLW) may also apply. Satisfactory evidence of household insurance may be required if DLW is not selected.
  • Click here to see full terms and conditions
  • If you have any questions with regards to this application or the contract please contact dtr on Ph 0800 734 735 or email
  • Thorn Financial Services Limited (trading as dtr), 8 Business Parade South, Highbrook, Manukau 2161
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At dtr, treating people fairly is important to us. That's why we make sure everyone gets an equal chance to own the things they need, with payments to suit their budget. And because we know things in life sometimes change, we can help you adjust your payments, so you won’t get in over your head.