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The only vacuum with no maintenance and no loss of suction. No dirty filters to wash or replace. No bags to buy.

With its Dyson CineticTM Science Technology, this vacuum cleaner has 36 Dyson CineticTM tips that oscillate at up to 5,000Hz, preventing microscopic dust from building up and blocking the airflow. Dust separation is so efficient that there's no need for pre-motor filter. So there's no loss of suction. No dirty filters to wash or replace.

Self-righting Technology - Dyson Big Ball Barrel vacuums are monostatic: they have a single stable resting position. Dyson engineers made this possible using a complex configuration of the vacuum's components. By assembling them in a spherical array, with the heaviest components near the floor, they created a curved body with a low centre of gravity. This means that whenever the vacuum is displaced from its resting position, gravitational force will automatically return it. It self-rights when toppled, or more simply, when it's knocked over, it gets back up.

BallTM Technology - Only Dyson vacuums have BallTM Technology. With improved stability, Dyson Big Ball barrel vacuums ride on a ball so it maneuvers for even easily steering around obstacles, furniture and corners.

Carbon Fibre Turbine Floor Tool - help remove hair and dirt from every floor type. It has stiff nylon bristle that deep-clean carpets and rugs, and carbon fibre filaments that help remove fine dust from hard floors.

    Musclehead floor tool self-adjusts to clean every floor type. The Musclehead floor tool automatically raises and lowers to seal in suction across carpets, rugs and hard floors.

    Articulated wand handle - The wand's handle rotates in three directions, allowing 360o articulation for greater control for easy, versatile cleaning all around the home floors, furniture and up high in corners too. Longer wand reaches awkward areas (extends up to 1250cm to clean hard-to-reach places).

    Hygienic dirt ejector - Dyson Big Ball barrel vacuums feature a new bin emptying mechanism. Now you can hygienically drive out trapped dust and debris with just the push of a button. There's no need to touch the dirt.

    Expels cleaner air - the whole vacuum is engineered to be completely sealed, ensuring that the air that leaves the machine is cleaner than the air you breathe.

    • Quick-Release tools
    • Larger, high-capacity bin (33% bigger than the previous generation of Dyson CineticTM Barrel vacuums)


      Indicative maximum terms: television, furniture, whiteware, packages 60 months; computing, audio 48 months; gaming, appliances, outdoor & sporting goods 30 months; phone and musical instrument 20 months.

      Term for weekly payments depends on interest rate. Interest rate 26.25%pa to 34.95% pa, depending on your circumstances. Rate may change. Mandatory fees: account fee $1.25 a week, PPSR fee $8.05 for each purchase, establishment fee $85 for first purchase or transaction fee $15 for each subsequent purchase. Fees added to loan balance. Weekly pricing shown includes interest and mandatory fees. Payment terms and interest rates depend on individual circumstances, therefore total amount payable will be calculated on completion of application. Optional dtr Liablity Waiver (DLW) and Service Plus fees may also apply. Satisfactory evidence of insurance may be required if DLW is not selected. Offer shown cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Accessories featured are not included unless otherwise stated. Thorn Group Financial Services Limited (trading as dtr).

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