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Audio for Life, Reimagined - This 2.1ch SC-UA7 combines an elegant design with phenomenal power and performance, all in a single box. Whether you’re enjoying an action-packed movie or it’s your turn to select a dancefloor-filler on the sleek touch display, this hexagonal multidirectional speaker will fill your life with incredible audio experiences.

Dynamic Multidirectional Sound – mid-range woofers and tweeters are positioned across three sides of the box for a 180-degree sound range that fills every corner of a room. In total, this all-in-one unique speaker design boasts 10 separate speaker units – two 16cm woofers, four 8cm midrange woofers and four 6cm tweeters. Each unit has been strategically placed to minimise unwanted distortion, giving you beautifully rounded bass frequencies right through to crisp, clear highs even with the volume pumping.

Feel the Powerful resonant bass, AIRQUAKE BASS – robust bass can often mean the difference between a good audio experience and an unforgettable one. The SC-UA7’s 1700W of power is complemented by our unique AIRQUAKE BASS to get your party pumping. This clever technology pushes sounds forward without losing the resonance of audio generated from behind the dual woofer units, amplifying the bass to produce extremely powerful sound you can actually feel when you’re near the speaker.

Stylist Form Meets Clever Function – The SC-UA7’s stylish form offers an array of clever functions. The hexagonal one-box design saves space, while the multidirectional positioning of woofers and tweeters (on three side of the speaker) produces a widely-dispersed 180-degree powerful sound quality. Touch-control sensors are housed within the mirror-finished top panel and illumination lighting can be selected to enhance the speaker’s sophisticated appearance.

Smart Networking Made Easy – In addition to amazing power and performance, the SC-UA7 also offers simple operation and a range of networking options. Bluetooth functionality means you can stream all your favourite tunes directly from a mobile device, and the Panasonic Max Juke app lets you compile playlists and perform basic operations such as volume, play, pause and equaliser settings. You’ll also find two USB ports for music sharing and playback, and 4GB of internal memory to store up to 1,000 songs.

Bring TV and Karaoke to Life – so much more than a powerful music system, the SC-UA7 also loves your TV and karaoke parties. An optical input ensures simple and high-quality TV connectivity, enhanced by features such as the Local Preset Equaliser to maximise audio quality, and the newly-added Voice Expansive Mode to give the sensation of sound spreading naturally from the TV screen. If you’re fond of singalongs, you’ll also be impressed with the speaker’s full karaoke function with mic input and jukebox.


  • 1700W (RMS) Power Output
  • 2x 16cm Super Woofer
  • 4x 8cm Woofer
  • 4x 6cm Tweeter
  • D.Bass Beat
  • Room-Filing Expansive Sound
  • Double USB
  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • 30 Tuner
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Local Preset Equaliser
  • NFC (one-touch connection)
  • DJ Jukebox
  • Panasonic MAX Juke App
  • Full Karaoke Function
  • Top Panel and Centre Illumination
  • Stylist Hexagon Design
  • Lighting Touch Sensor Buttons

DIMENSION 260mmW x 744mmH x 295mmD

Weight 14kg

    Indicative maximum terms: television, furniture, whiteware, packages 60 months; computing, audio 48 months; gaming, appliances & outdoor 30 months; phone and musical instrument 20 months.

    Term for weekly payments depends on interest rate. Interest rate 26.25%pa to 34.95% pa, depending on your circumstances. Rate may change. Mandatory fees: account fee $1.25 a week, PPSR fee $8.05 for each purchase, establishment fee $85 for first purchase or transaction fee $15 for each subsequent purchase. Fees added to loan balance. Weekly pricing shown includes interest and mandatory fees. Payment terms and interest rates depend on individual circumstances, therefore total amount payable will be calculated on completion of application. Optional dtr Liablity Waiver (DLW) and Service Plus fees may also apply. Satisfactory evidence of insurance may be required if DLW is not selected. Offer shown cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Accessories featured are not included unless otherwise stated. Thorn Group Financial Services Limited (trading as dtr).

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