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The Panasonic EX600 Series delivers vibrant 4K image quality and a Smart TV experience. Sophisticated easy-to-use features are accompanied by the clever, flexible Switch Design which is adaptable enough to fit any environment.

Experience Cinema at Home - 4K Ultra HD TVs deliver four times as much resolution as Full HD TVs. As you would expect, this means you can see far more detail and texture in 4K UHD pictures, but colours also look more natural, objects look more solid and three dimensional, and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth.

4K HDR. True to Life Colour with Enhanced Picture Processing – High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled TVs delivers beautiful, lifelike images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on televisions.

Smart TV – With 4K internet video streaming now supported by YouTube and Netflix, a wide variety of high-quality content is easily at your fingertips. The EX600 Series combines accessibility with the technology to deliver content at the premium level with ease. Choose from integrated apps like Lightbox, Netflix and FreeviewPlus, and stream the latest film and TV Shows directly through your TV.

Art & Design. Switch Design: Adjustable pedestal designed to sui any environment – wide or narrow subtle or bold, with four distinct styles in one Flexible Pedestal design, you can change the look of your TV as often as you remix your room.

Dual Tuners (1x UHF, 1x Satellite) – Enjoy Satellite Content in addition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting – If you can’t get Freeview reception via a UHF aerial, the EX600 Series enables reception via your satellite dish – no additional set-up box is required! If you’ve already got a dish, you can easily watch various programmes, even is their signals don’t easily reach your location, without having to pay a monthly fee.

My Home Screen 2.0 – a personalised gateway to all your preferred content – the my Home Screen 2.0 system lets you design your own home screen with Live TV, your favourite apps, web bookmarks, and frequently used devices. Even better, each member of your household can set up their own individual Home Screen, making it much faster and simpler for everyone to get to their favourite stuff.

TV Anywhere/TV Anytime with Panasonic Media Center App – using the TV Anywhere/TV Anytime function on a EX600 lets you watch live or recorded TV programmes on your smartphone or tablet while you’re away from home. In addition to watching, you can also remotely set timers to record content. Simply install the Panasonic Media Center App on your smartphone or tablet and watch the content you want anywhere – away or at home.

Technical Specification:

  • 4K Ultra HD LED LCD
  • Super Bright Panel
  • 3840 x 2160 Resolution
  • 100Hz MRR
  • 4K Hexa Chroma Drive
  • 4K Upscaling
  • Quad-Core Pro Smart TV
  • Freeview, Netflix, YouTube, Lightbox, Web Browser
  • Multi HDR Support
  • Adaptive Backlight Dimming
  • Multi Noise Reduction
  • 4K Pure Direct
  • 10W + 10W Speaker Output
  • VR-Audio True Surround
  • Voice Interaction, Voice Guidance
  • Wireless LAN Built-In
  • USB-HDD Recording
  • Swipe & Share
  • Easy Mirroring
  • Double USB Sharing
  • Dual Satellite and UHF Tuner
  • 3x HDMI
  • 2 x USB
  • Remote Control

Dimension without stand 1460mmW x 844mmH x 78mmD

Dimension with stand 1460mmW x 899mmH x 449mmD

Weight without stand 25.5kg

Weight with stand 27kg


Indicative maximum terms: television, furniture, whiteware, packages 60 months; computing, audio 48 months; gaming, appliances, outdoor & sporting goods 30 months; phone and musical instrument 20 months.

Term for weekly payments depends on interest rate. Interest rate 26.25%pa to 34.95% pa, depending on your circumstances. Rate may change. Mandatory fees: account fee $1.25 a week, PPSR fee $8.05 for each purchase, establishment fee $85 for first purchase or transaction fee $15 for each subsequent purchase. Fees added to loan balance. Weekly pricing shown includes interest and mandatory fees. Payment terms and interest rates depend on individual circumstances, therefore total amount payable will be calculated on completion of application. Optional dtr Liablity Waiver (DLW) and Service Plus fees may also apply. Satisfactory evidence of insurance may be required if DLW is not selected. Offer shown cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Accessories featured are not included unless otherwise stated. Thorn Group Financial Services Limited (trading as dtr).

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