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Ultimate room-filling. One-stop entertainment TV.

Experience the best in 4K Ultra HD image quality and intuitive Smart TV functionality on a mammoth 75” screen. Stunning colours, contrast and detail are enabled by the latest HDR technology (HDR 10+) while the clever interface allows you to organise your TV for super easy access to your favourite content. With this TV there is no need to sacrifice image quality and functionality for screen size.

Built-in Dual Tuners – this TV is fitted with both Freeview satellite tuners and Freeview UHF tuners, perfect for New Zealand homes that have distinct mixture of both tuners. With the Freeview set up ready to go, set up is easy and you can enjoy all free-to-air channels right away. You can now enjoy Freeview on Demand on your TV, binge on entire season or catch up on what you have missed.

What is HDR? – Put simply, it is better. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. A TV with HDR expands the expressible brights and darks to achieve more detailed images. When images are captured and displayed in 4K HDR they show greater colour and brightness range than even the naked eye can take in resulting in exquisite detail. Some TVs are stuck at an outdated 100-300 nits (brightness measurement) – reflecting the days of CRT TVs (the tube ones that used to weigh a tonne and had to sit a metre away from the wall because they were so bulky). In producing images at this level, a lot of details are lost in dark and bright colour areas. HDR delivers real-life details by increasing the brightness level to 1000 nits.

Multi HDR Support – Panasonic TVs now support multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10 the standard HDR format for films and UHD Blu-ray discs, and now also Hybrid Log Gamma, the HDR format for broadcast TV developed by the BBC and Japan's NHK.

Built-in Netflix, Lightbox, YouTube, and more – How we watch TV has changed and Panasonic knows that you’re looking for more than just live, free-to-air programming. Panasonic Smart TVs have your favourite streaming sources already built-in and ready to go. We believe your TV should be able to accommodate your varied and unique viewing preferences so that you have a wealth of choice between, live and on demand, free-to-air and subscriptions, and traditional telly and apps. All you need to do is log in once to your content source of choice and it seamlessly becomes part of your TV watching experience.

4K HDR Game Mode – for many, buying a TV is about more than sport, TV shows, and NETFLIX. Panasonic TVs are the centre of gaming experiences too and so the engineers got to work to make sure that optimal picture quality was matched by speed and feedback performance for the ultimate in gaming capability. By switching to 4K HDR Game Mode you’ll halve the display lag time from 40 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds. Superior image processing means quicker response times and an experience of instantaneous game play. Additionally, as the name suggests, the mode is perfect for 4K capable games; you’ll notice the difference.

Technical Specifications

  • 4K Ultra High Definition
  • 3840 x 2160 Resolution
  • Super Bright Panel Plus
  • 200Hz MRR
  • Hexa Chroma Drive PRO
  • 4K Upscaling
  • Quad-Core Pro Smart TV
  • HCX Processor
  • Multi HDR Support - HDR10+ Certified/HDR10/HLG
  • Multi Noise Reduction
  • 4K Pure Direct
  • 10W + 10W Speaker Output
  • Cinema Surround
  • Voice Interaction, Voice Guidance
  • Wireless LAN Built-In
  • Swipe & Share
  • Easy Mirroring
  • Bluetooth Audio Link
  • Double USB Sharing
  • Freeview Satellite Tuner
  • Freeview HD UHF Tuner
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • 1x LAN port
  • Remote Control

Dimension without stand 1680mmW x 966mmH x 70mmD

Dimension with stand 1680mmW x 1046mmH x 413mmD

Weight without stand 54.0kg

Weight with stand 62.50kg

Indicative maximum terms: television, furniture, whiteware, packages 60 months; computing, audio 48 months; gaming, appliances, outdoor & sporting goods 30 months; phone and musical instrument 20 months.

Term for weekly payments depends on interest rate. Interest rate 26.25%pa to 34.95% pa, depending on your circumstances. Rate may change. Mandatory fees: account fee $1.35 a week, PPSR fee $8.05 for each purchase, establishment fee $95 for first purchase or transaction fee $15 for each subsequent purchase. Fees added to loan balance. Weekly pricing shown includes interest and mandatory fees. Payment terms and interest rates depend on individual circumstances, therefore total amount payable will be calculated on completion of application. Optional dtr Liablity Waiver (DLW) and Service Plus fees may also apply. Satisfactory evidence of insurance may be required if DLW is not selected. Offer shown cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Accessories featured are not included unless otherwise stated. Thorn Group Financial Services Limited (trading as dtr).

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