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The Combo Kit includes:

a.  1x 18V/14.4V Drill & Driver EY74A2 (body)
b.  1x 18V/14.4V Impact Driver EY75A7 (body)
c.  2x 18V 4.2Ah Li-Ion Battery Pack EY9L54B
d.  1x Battery Charger EY0L82B


Extreme Durability – Panasonic Cordless 18V Dual Voltage Drill & Driver is equipped with a new brushless motor which helps make the tool last twice as long compared to tools with brush motors. Its new ultra-hard chuck jaw tips are brazed into each jaw giving extra strength and helping reduce wear. Plus, the new hybrid semi-electronic switch helps eliminate heavy friction to internal parts of the switch and it also allows for smother operation.

Powerful to the finish – It is a high-speed performance tool with a compact body. The new large brushless motor delivers a high-speed and powerful performance. The newly designed control circuit increases stable current flow to the motor by more than 70% (compare with previous brushless motor) enabling the high-power output to be evenly maintained until the task has been completed, even during high-load operation.

Increased Efficiency and Flexibility – The new “speed control function” lets you to choose from three different low rotation speed settings (high, medium and slow) based on allowable maximum speeds for metal hole saws. It greatly reduces ‘run out’ when using metal hole saws and prevents surface scorching on stainless steel and other materials.

New Advanced Speed Control – New advanced speed control electronics start rotation speed gradually. This enables slow and smooth starts allowing for ultimate control when you start drilling or working with small screws in precise applications.

Advanced Ergonomics – With the Impact Driver you’ll achieve high-power with optimum centre-balanced ergonomics thanks to its compact design and shorter brushless motor. It’s also incredibly comfortable to use, even in narrow spaces.

Multiple Modes for a Variety of Applications – The Impact Driver has four different loads:

  • Hard: fastening long bit and bolts
  • Medium: fastening for furniture
  • Soft: fastening for plaster board
  • Self-Drilling Screw Mode: this new mode starts at the highest speed to cut the hole, and then it transfers to High-Impact for power. It automatically switches to a slower mode.

Robust Design for Heavy-Duty Use – Powerful and compact, the new brushless motor delivers approx. 200%* more life cycles thanks to a new brushless motor. Plus, a thicker motor shaft ensures more strength for heavy-use. Impact Driver EY75A7 uses rigid metal parts in the switch and housing increase durability and increase wear.


18V/14.4V Drill & Driver EY74A2 (body) Specification:

  • Dual voltage - 14.4V or 18V
  • Tough Tool IP Rating
  • Max torque: 32.0 N-m Stalling torque, 50.0 N-m Instand torque
  • Clutch Torque: 0.5-4.4 Nm (0.23 Nm per stage, total 18 stage)
  • Size 178mmL x 250mmH x 68mmW
  • Weight (including battery) 2.05kg

Speed at no load


30 – 470 mon-1 RPM



70 – 1580 min-1 (RPM)

Max Drill Diameter

In Wood

Ø 38 mm


In Metal

Ø 13 mm

Max Screw Driving

Wood Screw

Ø 8 mm


Self-Drilling Screw

Ø 6 mm


18V/14.4V Impact Driver EY75A7 (body) Specification

  • Dual voltage - 14.4V or 18V
  • Tough Tool IP Rating
  • Size 118mmL x 242mmH x 66mmW
  • Weight (including battery) 1.70kg



High/Hard mode

Medium mode

Low/Soft mode

Self-drilling screw mode

Max torque

160 Nm

130 Nm

26 Nm

130 Nm

Speed at no load

0 – 2500 RPM

0 – 1450 RPM

0 – 950 RPM

0 – 2500 RPM


0 – 3100 IPM

0 – 2900 IPM

0 – 1900 IPM

0 – 1200 IPM


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